Tape 15 My Dad's Brother Is Hung! DADDY'S LITTLE BOY

Mr. Divino has always loved spending time with his brother and his boy, Austin. Even when he was younger, Austin would always greet him with a big smile... [read more]

Tape 2 Everybody Does It FAMILY TRADITION

Jack and his dad have gotten real close over the past few months, but it hasn’t always been this way. Like many teenage boys and their parents, there... [read more]

Tape 10 Jerking Off with Dad THE DOCTOR'S SON

These last few months have been quite a ride! If anyone had told me at the start of the year that I was on the cusp of entering into a whirlwind relationship... [read more]

Tape 1 Welcome to Forbidden Boy Hotel OUR FAMILY BONDS

I remember the first time I kissed my grandpa. It was my birthday, a few years back. It sort of came out of nowhere. He went in for a hug and he kissed... [read more]

Tape 14 Father Son Campout DADDY'S LITTLE BOY

Mr. Armstrong loves being able to take his boy out in the world. Every time they go out to dinner or to the movies, he can see the way other men get jealous... [read more]

Tape 10 Weekend With My Buddy's Dad BREEDING MY BOY'S LITTLE HOLE

Danny listened to Ian’s stories about his old man with great interest. The two were best friends and it was only natural that they’d tell each other... [read more]


It was during one of his encounters with Austin that Mr. Cox first came to question his son’s sexuality. The two had become particularly close over the... [read more]

Tape 3 My Boy is Growing Up COMING OF AGE

Mark was excited for his trip. The idea of going off with the team sounded like a lot of fun and a good way for them all to bond. Despite his enthusiasm,... [read more]

Tape 5 Caught Masturbating FAMILY HOLIDAY TRADITION

Austin was so excited to hear his uncle Rick was coming to town. He always thought of him as his strong, sexy, younger uncle, especially when he was little.... [read more]

Tape 8 Making My Boy Cum THE DOCTOR'S SON

The air in the sauna was thick. Every breath that Jonathan took felt heavy and long. He could feel his lungs expanding and contracting inside his chest,... [read more]


Ian has been playing a game of cat and mouse with his old man ever since he discovered that their attraction toward one another was strongly mutual. And... [read more]

Tape 12 Father Son Bonding DADDY'S LITTLE BOY

The relationship between Austin and Mr. Armstrong just keeps getting better. Neither of them talk about their mutual involvement in the Buyer’s Group... [read more]

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