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Dr. Wolf loves his boy. Spending all day in the office, seeing patients of all kinds, he's constantly reminded just how special his own young man is. He's always had the desire to be with him more intimately, but never quite knowing how to broach that subject. He sees the glances at the dinner table, coming out of the shower, and in the gym, but still not sure that he can make the first move. He's met... read more

There’s not a lot to do in the woods. There’s no internet, no TV, no phones… And that’...more

I’m used to getting lustful looks. Not bragging, just a fact. Most of my life people...more

Austin’s small for his age. People think he’s much younger than he is. I try to help...more

I thought I’d seen beauty in the world, but nothing compares to the look on Ian’s face...more

Austin was a little quiet after we’d had sex. For the next few days our interactions...more

After everything Ian and I had been through, it was hard to stick to the prescribed...more

With summer ending, I knew something had slipped my mind! I had to rush to get my boy...more

I could hear Cole going through his things in the next room. In my mind that wasn't...more

There’s a lot to do while away on vacation, but sometimes it’s nice to have some quiet...more

It can be hard to stay awake after a passionate afternoon of fucking, but as tired as...more

Austin is enjoying a pleasant, deep sleep when his old man comes into his room to wake...more

Halloween is a special day for daddies like Mr. Armstrong. He loves seeing his little...more