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Richie has always been a bit of a wallflower. He’s never really felt comfortable in his own skin. When he was little, he always looked to the louder, bigger boys for signs of how to act and behave, never managing to match them in confidence. And as he got older, he grew taller and lankier, never quite knowing how to move in his body. But as a young adult, he’s become quite handsome and desirable! And even the men closest to him in his life have begun to notice. All he needs is a little coaxing to come out of his shell and discover just how special he is.


Tape 1 Family Photos MY BEAUTIFUL BOY

Richie is amazing. I could have never imagined when I became his step-dad that I would take to him so closely. We’re very different, and that’s okay.... [read more]

Tape 1 Christmas Eve STAYING AT DADDY WOLF'S

It’s been years since Richie has been able to spend the holidays with his dad, Dr. Wolf. The two had tried not to become estranged over the long separation,... [read more]

Tape 2 Curious Boy MY BEAUTIFUL BOY

I loved seeing Richie open up. The young guy is still so stuck in his shell, but getting him undressed and skin to skin felt like a real step in the right... [read more]

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