Maxx is a handsome young man with a unusually big dick owing largely to the benefits of his German heritage. While he's sexually inexperienced, he's curious about sex, his body and the bodies of other guys. A recent and innocent encounter with another boy during an after-school math study session sparked powerful feelings, and he's not sure who he can talk to about it. He thinks about it frequently, wishing they could touch some more. This isn't the first time Maxx has found a member of the same sex attractive. He's always been felt close his very masculine grandad Felix, especially his body. For the last few months he has been staying wtih the family patriarch. With schoot out for the holiday, he's had a lot of close one on one time wtih his grandpa. The man is so tall, broad-shouldered, and powerful looking. He’s also so incredibly handsome. He has a thick German accent that makes him weak and since staying with him, Maxx has has had a few chances to see what looks like naked. And given what he saw, he wonders if maybe he got his big dick from Grandad! The thought gets him rock hard each time. All he can do about it is ride the waves of hormones and launch his nut across his bedroom in the dark.
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