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Cole has a secret that's been eating him up. Yes, he's gay. Yes, he fantasizes about men... But that's not it! Many boys his age think about getting fucked by other guys. Some look at hunky men, with their muscular and furry bodies and get wildly turned on. He likes other guys his age, but he also is wildly turned on by "daddies," especially those with big dicks. Hung handsome older men are a huge turn... read more

The Forbidden Boy Hotel has a program that’s hard to beat. Especially when the...more

With summer ending, I knew something had slipped my mind! I had to rush to get my boy...more

After everything Ian and I had been through, it was hard to stick to the prescribed...more

Austin was a little quiet after we’d had sex. For the next few days our interactions...more

I thought I’d seen beauty in the world, but nothing compares to the look on Ian’s face...more

Austin’s small for his age! People think he’s much younger than he is. I try to help...more

I’m used to getting lustful looks… I’m not bragging, it’s just a fact! Most of my life...more