Mr. Kamp is a strong broad-shouldered man with a powerful physique. Someone who knows the value of hard work. He immigrated with his family to the U.S. from Germany in his early 30s and built a life for them over years of dedicated labor. Mr. Kamp's primary joy in recent years has been spending time with and helping to provide for his young grandson Maxx. He stepped in to look after the Maxx when the boy's parents were going through a rough spot. Mr. Kamp tries not to play favorites with his grandsons, but Maxx holds a special place in the patriarchs heart. He knows the boy looks up to him and trusts him, and they have a special bond. The boy anjoys being physically close to his grandpa, and confides in him thoughts he doesn’t feel he can share with his parents. Physically the boy has grown into a strong and attractive young man, and his Mr. Kamp has caught the boy staring at him when he doesn’t think his grandad is looking. He always gives the boy one of his warm smiles and ruffles his hair to let him know it’s alright to be curious.


It’s Christmas Eve and Maxx is excited, so he can’t help but sneak downstairs—even if...more