Angus always knew his boys would be a handful. They're spirited and willful, always going their own way and rarely ever behaving. He would be more concerned, but he’s happy to see them go for what they wants! Angus was never so sure of himself at that age, so as much as it worries him, it also makes him proud. Nothing seemed to really alarm him until one of his boys came out of the closet. He had always had his suspicions about his oldest, but it was never something he spent a lot of time thinking about until the moment it became reality. All he could think about was the life his sons would live and all the sex they’d be having. His mind was flooded with thoughts of all his boys getting fucked by all different kinds of men. Thoughts that both alarmed him and, quite frankly, turned him on...

Coming Of AgeTape #1

Angus always knew his boy, Marcus, would be a handful! He’s spirited and willful,...more


Dr. Wolf and his buddy, Bishop, have known each other for ages. The two have had their...more


Bishop removes his clothes as the agent (possibly a government doctor) commands. It’s...more


Mark was excited for his trip. The idea of going off with the team sounded like a lot...more