Cleanroom Intake
Dad Son Inspection

Bishop removes his clothes as the agent (possibly a government doctor) commands. It’s a little uncomfortable disrobing in front of his boy, but he knows it’s what’s required of him. Mark had seen his dad naked before, and even seen him hard, but never in the company of others! Seeing the government agent masked up and wearing his protective gear, Bishop wasn’t sure what to do in this situation. But as he looked to his boy, he could see his son Mark starting to get excited...

When Agent Dietrich began his exam, he took great liberties with the beefy daddy’s body. Checking his mouth, ears, hole, and every other orifice of his body. Bishop’s son never took his eyes off his dad, terrified and intrigued by what he saw. He loves his dad, and has always admired his dad’s body, but he had never seen his dad manhandled and played with by another man.

Seeing his dad's big, manly ass get eaten by the handsome agent made Mark feel something he had never felt before. He wondered as he was forced to watch this treatment of his father...was it clear to everyone that the he and his old man were doing things that are taboo for a father and son? Is that what was prompting them to push him and his dad into this situation? Would they go even further?

Mark watched as the government Agent removed his clothes, and exposed his dick...hard already. When the agent's massive member came into view, the man was obviously not shy about revealing his throbbing, veiny cock before pressing it between his dad's ass cheeks.

Mark tried to hide his bulge, but the doctors were very aware of everything he did. Wanting to force the boy to see his own father's response to being penetrated. the Agent told the boy to stand in front of his dad’s face, looking him in the eye, and watching as he pushed his monstrous cock into his father. The agent was going to enjoy seeing the expression on the boy's face as he fucked the boy's father.

Mark’s eyes grew wide as the tall man began to mount up behind his dad. Bishop grit his teeth and let out a moan as he felt the massive meat open him up and push into his body. For the first time ever, Mark saw his daddy bottoming, grunting and taking the intense pounding like he himself had done many times! It was strange to see him like this, bent on all fours and getting deep-dicked by a stranger. But for Mark, it was also one of the hottest things he’d ever seen, making him impatient for his own special exam...