Mr. Cox & His Boy Oliver
Texting Mishap

It was during one of his encounters with his nephew Austin that Mr. Cox first came to question his son’s sexuality. The two had become particularly close over the holidays, resulting in a series of explicit sexting sessions when Mr. Cox returned back to his home. Austin asked his uncle if he’d ever tried anything with his son.

Austin said he was almost certain that Oliver was into guys. In fact, he’d even seen him texting a few dirty pictures and getting some in return. The news blew Mr. Cox’ mind. Sure, Oliver had never brought a girl home, but he’d always thought he was more interested in his studies. It never occurred to him that he might be gay!

When they got back home after the holidays, Mr. Cox paid particular attention to Oliver. He’d watch carefully when Oliver texted anyone, trying to work out if there was a sexual element to it, but Oliver’s face didn’t reveal any secrets. He studied him, trying to find answers in the microexpressions in his eyes and brows, but nothing registered. Still, Mr. Cox enjoyed the opportunity to look at his son.

He noticed how grown up he was. What a great body he had. How beautiful his skin was. Mr. Cox decided his best feature was his eyes. They were grey, expressive, almost mournful. He’d recently cropped his hair real short, and that had just served to make them all the more expressive. He radiated innocence. Cox found himself beginning to get perturbed at the idea of some random stranger on the end of a text message giving his special kid that all-important first sexual encounter. It seemed somehow… unfair.

One afternoon, as they sat watching TV, Oliver played around on his phone as usual, mindlessly sending messages while his dad watched the game. Oliver was distracted, checking in with the TV as his thumbs worked practically on autopilot. Then, without him realizing, Oliver sent a sex-text to his father by mistake.

He didn’t notice straight away, so there wasn’t that moment of searing embarrassment where he’d be forced to beg his Dad not to look at the message he’d just received. Mr. Cox, however, felt the vibration of his own phone, pulling it out to see what triggered the alert.

He was astounded. He could tell from the still image that it was a video of his son jerking off. He felt the blood rushing to his face as he wondered what to do. Hit delete? Ignore it? Tell Oliver? Even if he let it go, his boy would clearly see it when he looked back at his messages.

Mr. Cox knew this wasn’t something a father should be viewing. But his curiosity was stronger than his sense of right and wrong. His hand started shaking as he silenced the phone and brought his finger up to hit play. He hovered over the button. He knew he would never be able to un-see what he was potentially about to see…

But it was too late. He’d hit play and was watching the HD video of his son jerking a rock hard dick. More than that, Mr. Cox’ own cock was stiffening uncontrollably as he imagined how it might feel to be intimate with Oliver… his beautiful boy… as his first. He knew he would be able to love him like no one else could. Holding him, caring for him, and protecting him from any pain. He wanted to see his boy’s beautiful eyes light up with pleasure... locking with his.

In the weirdness of that intense moment, he forgot where he was and, as he hit play for the second time, he absentmindedly brought his hand down to his growing bulge and started to squeeze it through his pants. He didn’t even take his hand away when he called across at his son, “who are you sending this to?”

Oliver instantly realised with horror what he’d done and his face started pounding, “that was an accident, delete it.”

Mr. Cox kept looking at the video. Surprising even himself, he responded, “I kinda like it. Did you send it to a guy?”

Somewhat relieved his father didn’t seem angry, Oliver dared to look across at him, and was confused to see him rubbing a very obvious bulge. Oliver’s head instantly started spinning. He wasn’t sure what to say.

He idolized his father. On many occasions he’d gone to sleep thinking about his dad making love to some of the guys he’d been texting. In fact, he was always more excited about that thought than the idea of being with them himself.

Mr. Cox continued, “You’re looking really good.”

The older man continued to stroke himself before turning off the TV, looking for the first time at his son, and tapping the couch next to him. Oliver nervously walked across, unable to take his eyes off his dad’s bulge, whilst simultaneously feeling his own dick hardening. He sat down next to his father, and shamefully brought his hand up to his crotch to cover his own hard-on.

There was a moment of uncomfortable silence before Mr. Cox spoke again.

“How much have you done with guys so far?”

“Not much,” Oliver replied. “Just sending photos.” His cock was now throbbing inside his shorts.

“You know, two guys can make each other feel really good? I’ll show you… sit back…”

Mr. Cox wondered if Oliver would be weirded out at the thought of moving into this somewhat taboo sphere. But motivated by his own desire and the rare, unexpected moment that came before, he felt this was his chance to be brave and bold. He was nervous, but strangely, not scared. It felt like such a natural thing for them to be doing.

Mr. Cox pulled his son’s clothes off to reveal a pale, beautiful body. Oliver was too nervous to look his dad in the eye, so looked down at his rock hard dick instead. Mr. Cox sat between Oliver’s legs and rubbed his son’s cock before running his hands seductively up and down his chest. Oliver started trembling with excitement and nerves - a sensation which became pure, bodily pleasure as his father started to suck his dick.

Most guys have to settle for a pretty awful first blow job. It’s usually hurriedly dispatched by a clueless classmate in a deeply inappropriate location. But Oliver’s first blow job was delivered by a master.

In that moment, seasoned experience melded with total innocence and created something utterly magical. Oliver started to moan in ecstasy as his dick slid into his dad’s mouth, and then all the way into his throat. It was remarkable. He could feel his dad’s moustache gently tickling his stomach and wondered if any sensation would ever feel this good again.

He felt an urge to do the same to his dad. He was nervous. He didn’t want to mess it up. He wanted his dad to be proud of him and to make him feel as good as he was feeling.

“Can I see you?” he asked, quietly.

Cox smiled, stood up, and got himself naked - his giant, cut cock standing proudly over a pair of low-swinging balls. Oliver gasped at the sight. He couldn’t believe how good his dad’s body was. Tight, muscular, hairy. He’d seen him getting out of the shower before… but it struck him there and then that he’d never actually properly looked at him.

Oliver started sucking his dad. He tried as hard as he could. He didn’t want to let him down, trying to mimic his old man’s gestures and actions, wanting to give him what he had received. It wasn’t easy, though.Oliver was embarrassed whenever he choked, trying to take it down like his dad. But Mr. Cox wasn’t bothered. He was making noises of genuine pleasure, so he carried on.

Mr. Cox was feeling satisfaction in a way he’d never felt before. It struck him that the whole thing could and perhaps should have felt very wrong. He tried hard to find some sort of sensation of guilt, but none came. He just felt wave after wave of horniness as he wondered whether it might be possible to take his son the full distance.

He thought about it for some time. Maybe that ought to be someone’s else’s job? But that someone else might fuck everything up? The first time needs to be special. Relaxed. He stroked Oliver’s hair and spoke: “Why don’t you kneel up - let me show you something?”

Oliver did as he was told and knelt on a foot rest, feeling a rush of nervousness once again. He knew what was coming. He’d seen enough porn to know exactly what his father had in mind, and as his father started to gently probe his ass with his tongue, the worried thoughts tumbled out of his mouth.

“Are you gonna get all of that in me? Will it fit?”

His father’s tone was reassuring. “I can fit, son.” His giant cock bounced at the thought. And with that, Oliver started to relax, and enjoy the sensation. Once certain that Oliver’s ass had been prepped properly, Mr. Cox lined himself up, and started to push inside.

Oliver gasped. He was expecting the experience to be agonisingly painful, and it was certainly mind-alteringly intense, but it somehow felt right.

Mr. Cox was astounded by how tight his son felt but how easily his cock was pushing into him. He could feel Oliver literally opening up. It was like he was made to take his cock!

He got Oliver onto his back and pulled his socks off at the same time. They suddenly found themselves staring into each other’s eyes.

It was happening. A rush of emotion passed between them. They instantly knew that they were experiencing something unique. Something special. They were locked together. Mr. Cox was grinding his dick deep into Oliver and Oliver was responding somehow with his entire body.

“Yeah, dad, right there!”

And at that moment, Mr. Cox let go and started to pound his son. He anchored his legs quite wide apart to get extra thrust before literally slamming his entire body weight behind his cock, again and again. And harder still when he heard Oliver moaning that he was gonna shoot. And at that moment, he fucked the cum out of his son.

Jets of the stuff shot out of Oliver’s cock. His body was shaking. He entirely lost control.

Cox didn’t have the power to stop fucking at that point. Everything felt so good, and within seconds, he could feel the semen blasting out of his cock, deep into his son’s stomach.

They kissed again. A profound kiss which would have made anyone watching wonder what on earth was going to happen next…