Mr. Kamp & His Grandson Maxx
Xmas Confession

It’s Christmas Eve and Maxx is excited, so he can’t help but sneak downstairs—even if he is in his underwear. Grandad Felix is seated on the couch in a Santa hat, a warm smile spreading across his face when he sees his handsome young grandson.

“Have you been naughty or nice this year?” Grandad asks as Maxx joins him. Maxx is pretty sure he’s been nice, but there were a handful of times he can remember being a little naughty. He’s always felt he could talk to Grandad about things he couldn’t talk to his own parents about, so when he’s pressed for answers about the truly naughty stuff, Maxx tells about the time a boy at school touched him. In his Santa hat, Grandad invites Maxx to sit in his big lap the way he’s always done. There’s something comforting about the act, and when Maxx begins to confess about feeling funny after his encounter with the boy, Grandad’s eyes twinkle with kindness and understanding.

“Did he touch you like this?” Grandad asks. His large, manly hand caresses the inside of Maxx’s thigh. “Did you want him to?” Maxx had. In fact, he thought about it regularly. But what he wants right now, more than anything, is for Grandad’s hand to continue higher. Maxx moans quietly when the big man’s hand grazes his growing erection. Grandad doesn’t look away from the look on Maxx’s face as he reaches up the leg of the boy’s loose boxers to grip his grandson’s impressive cock.

Before he knows it, Maxx has stripped naked in the older man’s arms. The lean boy moans loudly as his grandad fingers the young boy’s tight, virgin asshole and leans down to suck Maxx’s big cock. Grandad has to hush the boy, gently reminding him that there are others in the house. But the sensations are new, exciting, and even a bit extreme as Grandad begins edging the young man, stopping just as the boy starts to buck in his lap. The moans become whines as Grandad covers Maxx’s mouth with one hand and finger fucks his hole with the other. Maxx gets both hands on the shaft of his big cock, and Grandad gives him encouragement with a sound of approval. With two of Grandad’s thick, meaty fingers deep in his hole, Maxx launches a massive load of young cum all over the room. Grandad wipes some of the spunk off his grandson’s stomach and licks his fingers clean before cleaning the head of Maxx’s cock with his mouth.

“Now get to bed,” Grandad says with a smile. “It’s past your bedtime. This will be our little secret.” Maxx kisses his Grandad and heads to bed naked with a huge, satisfied grin.