Mr. Cox & His Nephew Austin
Xmas Sleepy Time

Late in the night on Christmas Eve, Austin discovers Uncle Mitch reading next to the Christmas tree in front of a crackling fireplace. Uncle Mitch is surprised his nephew is up so late and assumes the boy is trying to sneak a peek at Santa or his presents, but Austin says he heard a noise and didn’t want to wake his dad in the next room.

Still sleepy, Austin curls up on the couch next to his uncle with his head in the older man’s lap, looking for all the world like the perfect image of “sleeping in heavenly peace.” Austin had always been attracted to his Uncle Mitch. With his sun-kissed skin, muscular fame, and that thick mustache, he liked to imagine his uncle was a movie star. His dreams have been dancing with visions of his uncle’s thick cock in his throat and tight boy hole, and the cotton of Uncle Mitch’s union suit is all that separates the boy’s innocent face from the subject of his recently discovered holiday cheer.

Uncle Mitch doesn’t focus on his book much longer as his hand roams under Austin’s union suit to the young ass he worshipped so thoroughly yesterday. He had been shocked at how unabashedly Austin had teased him with the mistletoe and how eagerly Austin had throated his cock. He admired the young man his nephew had grown into, and he was willing to admit that innocent face was beautiful, but he never thought he would find himself with a finger in the boy’s hole, let alone his big dick.

A gentle moan escapes Austin in his slumber as Uncle Mitch traces the sensitive cleft of his perfect ass. Uncle Mitch looks expectantly at Austin’s face for which movements give his nephew the most pleasure, but his own cock is already hard and throbbing against the side of Austin’s head.

Uncle Mitch squeezes his erection through his union suit while staring at his nephew's ass. A deep moan escapes the older man, causing Austin to stir. The boy’s hand soon finds the large bulge in his uncle’s pajamas and he quickly releases the entire package from behind a row of buttons. Austin's jaw drops slightly and his puppy dog eyes convey a sense of wonder just before he wraps his lips around his uncle’s cock.

Austin pulls down on his uncle’s large, heavy balls and chokes on the thick rod as he immediately presses down to accommodate his uncle in his throat. Uncle Mitch’s head falls back with a moan. “You’re a hungry little fella,” Uncle Mitch says, eliciting a little giggle from his nephew.

Uncle Mitch hushes Austin’s moans while he fingers the boy’s hole. Thay had the house to themselves last time, but with Austin’s dad in the next room, they’d have to be quiet. How hot would it be if my brother woke up to find me plowing his boy?

After rimming Austin to get him wet, Uncle Mitch mounts his nephew slowly, doggy style. Inch after massive inch of his cock slides slowly into Austin’s tight pucker all the way to the balls. Concerned about hurting the little guy, but also recognizing that the boy can handle it, Uncle Mitch starts to thrust more intensely. Austin’s rapturous moans get to be too loud and Uncle Mitch has to put a hand over Austin’s mouth to stifle the noise.

Austin ends up busting his load all over his pjs while power bottoming his uncle’s cock reverse cowboy. Praising the boy, Uncle Mitch flips Austin over without withdrawing his cock and slowly builds up a tempo towards his own cumshot, unloading in his nephew’s ass yet again. He pulls out to admire his messy handiwork, pressing his load back into Austin with a thick thumb and then his heavily swinging cock as the cum leaks out in the firelight.