Dr. Wolf & His Boy Jonathan
Welcome to Forbidden Boy Hotel

Jonathan loved spending time with daddy as he shaved. Something about seeing him lather up and clean himself was powerfully erotic and exciting! Perhaps it was envy from his masculine facial hair or the smell of the lotion, but seeing him like this made him feel very sexual.

In the past, he would brush his teeth in silence, not acting on his feelings or impulses. But Dr. Wolf has insisted that if he ever has these feelings, he shouldn’t be afraid to act on them. Especially with him!

Wanting to follow his dad’s instructions, Jonathan reached a hand into his old man’s robe, pulling at this cock inside. Even soft, the older man’s shaft was massive to hold. His heavy nuts beneath them, reminded Jonathan of his virility. Jonathan couldn't help but think about his own origins as he held the man’s egg-sized nuts.

Seeing Jonathan’s boldness and curiosity made Dr. Wolf, himself, aroused. With his cock in the boy’s hands, he felt himself getting turned on, proud and pleased with his boy taking his words to heart. Even though they’d just gotten up, Dr. Wolf felt the situation might warrant a return to bed. After all, he wasn’t going to be able to do anything else until he’d fucked his sweet, brave boy. Why else did they come to the Forbidden Boy Hotel?

Jonathan loved being in his old man’s arms and Dr. Wolf loved almost nothing more than the feeling of his boy on his chest. With his long arm, Dr. Wolf managed to reach down and caress Jonathan’s genitals. He could feel the boy’s cock warming to his touch and becoming more aroused...

Running his hand back to the boy’s soft buttocks, he could feel his smooth, tight hole between his cheeks, open and eager to be loved by him. Dr. Wolf’s cock grew large between his legs, something Jonathan was obsessed with. He loved how his daddy’s dick was almost as thick as his wrist, and how it felt filling his mouth and body!

Jonathan stroked it, feeling it swell it up until it was large enough to be sucked liked a giant lollipop. He ran his tongue over the length of the shaft, moving over its many inches down to his heavy balls. He worshipped them, thankful for their life-giving potential, taking them into his mouth as the older man’s monster cock rested on his face.

Jonathan could have sucked it for hours, worshipping the big tool and making his daddy feel good. But his old man wasn’t going to be satisfied with a simple blowjob! Bending him over, Dr. Wolf spread his boy’s ass apart, staring into his hole to admire its beauty. He sighed as he felt his heart pound in his chest. He loved his boy so much!

With his cock still lubed from his hungry boy’s mouth, he pushed the tip of his cock up to his hole. Jonathan trembled as he had the first time, eagerly anticipating its entry into his tiny hole. With the older man’s massive cock, it took time for it to fill him completely, and each inch was harder than the one that came before it. But it was all he wanted! It was important to him. It made him feel loved and reminded him that he was his daddy’s boy.

Dr. Wolf watched as Jonathan took him in, slowly and patiently enduring each inch of penetration like a champ. Such a good boy, Dr. Wolf thought. Such a beautiful, sexy boy...