Dr. Wolf and His Son Jonathan
My Boy's Beautiful Butt

Dr. Wolf loves his son. He always has. He can’t believe how lucky he is to have Jonathan so close to him, just within reach. Men would do anything to have a boy like him. And Dr. Wolf gets to be with him practically whenever he wants.

As much as it’s a blessing, it can also be a challenge. With the walls of the taboo broken down, Dr. Wolf wants his boy all the time. And as much as he would love to have Jonathan wrapped around his tall daddy manhood every minute of every day, he knows the boy needs his own time.

Jonathan, though, understands what it means to be a “good boy.” Not only is he respectful and obedient with his old man, he knows that it’s a father’s prerogative to take his boy when he needs to. It’s his right--his claim to his flesh. Jonathan gets that sometimes a father just needs to breed his boy, and he needs to let him.

Not that he’s complaining. Dr. Wolf is a handsome man with a beautiful body and a cock the size of summer corn! He feels lucky to have him as a dad as well! He’d do anything for him, even if it’s hard or even a little painful. He knows his old man loves him and cares for him. From that cornerstone of their connection, all things are possible.

When Jonathan was playing one of his games, Dr. Wolf couldn’t help but notice just how perky his boy’s smooth, soft cheeks were. Dr. Wolf was sitting in a chair, relaxing with a book while his son was engaged in his console. Jonathan was laying down on an ottoman, his small frame able to practically stretch out over the entire surface. With his legs up and moving back and forth playfully, the meat of his ass made the most enticing shapes. He wanted to leave the boy alone to enjoy his down time, but when his cock poked up in his jock, Dr. Wolf couldn’t stop himself.

Leaning forward, Dr. Wolf spread the boy’s legs apart, separating the cheeks slightly to see that smooth, pink hole. His heart swelled. God, it was beautiful. So tight, so precious. It was like a delicate button between two round cushions. He ran a finger across it, feeling its warmth along his digit.

Jonathan knew what this meant. He knew well that his old man was going to fuck him, so he tried his best to get to a spot to save his game. He couldn’t say no to him. He was his dad! But the older man leaned forward and said, “it’s okay… keep playing.” Jonathan smiled. His old man was in a frisky mood and he was happy to play along. Literally.

As Jonathan tried to focus, Dr. Wolf pulled out his cock and began stroking it. With one hand he played with the boy’s hole while getting himself worked up with the other. It didn’t take long for his massive member to reach full strength, throbbing in his grip and begging to be satiated with his son’s insides.

Dr. Wolf rose up to meet Jonathan’s ass, pressing his cock between his cheeks. It looked so small next to him. Wolf’s cock seemed to go deeper than Jonathan’s ass would allow. The horny daddy’s hands touched when he wrapped his hands around his son’s waist, only making it more apparent just how delicate and tiny Jonathan was.

Dr. Wolf wondered if he should stop, give the little guy a break and let him enjoy his game. But seeing the pre-cum begin to bead out of the tip of his shaft, he knew he wasn't going to be able to stop what was already in motion.

He slid himself into Jonathan’s hole, feeling it struggle to open to take him. Jonathan let out a pained moan, feeling the pressure on his sex. He didn’t resist, but it wasn’t easy. Dr. Wolf didn’t want to hurt his son, so he went very slowly.

Pacing himself off of Jonathan’s body, Dr. Wolf worked his way inside, going in a fraction of an inch every few seconds. It was excruciating not being able to go in further and faster, but Dr. Wolf knew it was his boy needed. He was being so good by letting him take him right then and there, he wasn’t going to betray that trust.

Jonathan’s body was slower to react than normal, focused on his game as well as his own relaxation. But sure enough, after a good amount of patience and consideration, Dr. Wolf felt his boy warm up and welcome him in.

It felt incredible. Jonathan’s hole was like no one else’s. Something about it seemed like he was born to take this specific cock. It wrapped around Dr. Wolf perfectly as he made his way balls-deep. Jonathan let out a little yelp when Dr. Wolf skewered deep into his guts, but he did not shy away. Such a good boy.

Dr. Wolf began to move his hips back and forth, feeling the head of his cock massaged by the smooth insides of his son. He pictured it in his mind--skin to skin, body to body, closely connected like nothing else. He was sad that so many other fathers would never know this intimacy, but the throbbing cock was enough for all of them!

Jonathan tried his best not to show any discomfort. He wanted to be a good boy and take this cock without issue. He was a little pained at first, but as his old man began to pump into him, he felt the deep pleasure that only the doctor had been able to give him.

Soon, he wanted it harder, deeper, faster! He asked Dr. Wolf to keep fucking him, and with a proud, loving, appreciative smile, his old man gave him what he wanted. Jonathan dropped his game. He wasn’t able to focus on anything else but the intense pounding he was getting from his daddy. His body shook intensely from the thrusting, held in place firmly by his strong father’s hands. He felt both protected and used all at once. It was epic.

Suddenly, Dr. Wolf’s fucking became even more aggressive. Jonathan knew what this meant. When it came time for his old man to cum, he maxxed out his pacing, practically using him more as a toy than a son. He knew his daddy needed this. He knew it was what made his old man cum. And as hard as it was to take, he knew it was his place as his son to give it.

Dr. Wolf let out a loud groan as his nuts tightened. The moment had come and there was no turning back, he pulled out just before eruption, wanting to see his load shoot on his son’s flesh. The creamy white liquid pooled up on the small of his back, caught on the band of his jockstrap as well as his milky, smooth skin. Dr. Wolf looked down, catching his breath, in disbelief at how good it felt.

As he settled down, he could see Jonathan’s hungry hole wanting him back inside. As rough as it was, Jonathan couldn’t get enough of his old man once he had a taste. To satiate his hole, Wolf put a little bit of his load on his finger and pushed it inside his sphincter, watching it disappear into his well-worn cavity. Jonathan smiled, knowing that he’d been given a little favor from his old man. He reached to the floor, picking up his game, and resumed where he left off, happy to have been able to help his old man relax...