Uncle and Nephew Do Casting Couch Interview

Harley Everett has always been a looker. With his shaved head, massive muscles, and large array of tattoos, he’s not exactly one to be shy or timid. This is something that his young nephew, JP, has always admired about him. Holidays were always made more exciting whenever Harley would show up, looking like a renegade bad boy to shake things up!

And as JP got older, he soon found himself more and more attracted to the older man, getting curious about what it would be like to see him naked. Harley loves his nephew, but he can’t help his own devious desires! When Harley told him he was headed to a porn shoot, JP bravely asked if he could go, too...

Harley’s wicked smile was impossible to hide! He was curious to see his clean-cut nephew in that sort of light. He kept his relationship from the boy a secret from the director, but was thrilled to have the chance to get worshipped and serviced by his young, horny nephew. And needless to say, their attraction is palpable and their excitement to experience each other’s sexuality is unreal!