Mr. Armstrong & His Boy Austin
Doctor's Visit

With summer ending, I knew something had slipped my mind! I had to rush to get my boy a physical exam before he returned to school. Without it, he wouldn’t be able to do the activities he enjoys. A lot has changed since his last exam. He’s grown up, become more of a man, and even lost his virginity. It’s crazy to think how fast time slips away... And not just summers!

I knew he was going to be asked questions about sex. Every other time it never crossed my mind to be worried or nervous, but by now, Austin had been fucked many times. I should know... I was the one doing it!

I know my boy understands the need to be discreet about our arrangement, but when it comes to the doctor, I’ve always told him to be completely honest. Afterall, his job is to help.

Dr. Wolf has always been careful, thorough, and attentive. That’s why we keep going back. At first, I hoped he could just move through it quickly so we could get back home. I watched as he went through the usual routine: taking measurements, height, weight, checking breathing, etc. Austin was calm and cool as the doctor probed his tiny body. Even when he checked his genitals and groin for hernias, he behaved like any other boy his age would: awkward, uncomfortable, and exposed.

Strangely, as much as I was nervous, it was also incredibly exciting! Seeing another man —
a handsome man — run his hands over my boy’s body was very arousing. I’d never thought about it before, but sitting there, watching him get inspected and touched… Deep down, I wanted to see more! Watching Austin’s cock handled by him got my own rising in my jeans.

Dr. Wolf bent Austin over the table, having him lift his ass up as he inspected it. That seemed unusual to me, but who was I to question a doctor? As he looked over his beautiful, perfect ass, I could see my boy’s cock growing hard. The doctor disregarded it as a normal reaction. I could tell Austin was beginning to enjoy being touched and fondled. Little did he know that I was sporting my own raging hard-on too!

Dr. Wolf excused Austin after his exam to have a delicate discussion with me. He tried to carefully let me know that Austin may be playing with his hole — a fact I could have told him myself. Feeling the need to unburden myself, I confessed to him that he was in fact sexually active... With me.

Dr. Wolf’s expression was hard to read, but he did not seem angry or upset. He asked me questions about consent and who was prompting the sessions. I was honest and told him that it started with me, but now it’s Austin who can’t get enough. I was amazed when he smiled and seemed to suggest that if he wants it, there’s nothing to stress about. He even said it was arousing for him... I couldn’t believe my luck!

It was when he asked to see what it was that we were doing that I started to get really excited! I wanted to see more, and this was my chance. He called Austin back in and gave him another exam, this time, spending more time looking at his body and genitals; not as a doctor, but as an aroused man.

Dr. Wolf unzipped his pants and showed Austin his massive cock. I couldn’t believe the man was hiding all of that in his underwear. I spread Austin’s cheeks apart, feasting on his ass and getting it ready to be fucked while my boy played with the doctor’s massive meat. It was so hot to think of him about to be bred by another man, and I wanted to make sure his hole was warm, wet, and ready to take it...