Mr. Armstrong & His Boy Austin
Sleepy Movie Time

Austin was a little quiet after we’d had sex. For the next few days our interactions were a little awkward, limited to dinner-time conversations and one word responses. I knew it was a big moment for him. Not only did he lose his virginity, but he’d experienced an intimacy with me that was pretty heavy.

I worried for days if I’d gone too far or pushed him too hard. I thought maybe I’d fucked up and had done something I shouldn’t have. Maybe he was angry with me. I decided to give him some space and let him make the next move… Whatever move that would be.

It was late one night when Austin came out of his room and asked if he could watch tv with me. I was a little restless and everyone in the house, but us, had gone to bed. I was certainly happy for the company, especially from my little boy! He came out in his little union suit and snuggled up next to me on the couch. As he rested his head on my chest, I placed a hand on his side. It was soft and warm and reminded me of how things used to be.

My heart swelled as I felt him slumber off. As much as I may have fucked up, my little boy still felt at home with me. I knew I should just sit and watch TV, letting the moment sit as it was… But as my hands passed over his body, I felt my cock begin to swell again.

Christ! Here I was, sitting on the couch with a boner in my briefs while Austin’s head was only a couple inches away! I didn’t want to wake him up, so I kept caressing his little body. My fingers passed over his little butt, feeling the back of his suit. It had two little buttons that kept it up. I held out as long as I could, but I knew I had to undo them!

I carefully fiddled with the buttons and opened up my boy’s suit to expose his smooth, soft buttocks. My hands then returned to their caressing movements, feeling the soft skin that I had tasted just a few days before. God, it was heavenly…

My cock practically hurt from the arousal, swollen from the touch of my boy’s body. With my free hand, I pulled out my cock, hoping to stroke it softly and enjoy the moment a little bit more. With one finger teasing his hole and my dominant hand on my shaft. I sat in the blue glow of the television, thinking of how it felt to be inside my boy’s hole.


My heart stopped. Austin raised his head, looking up at me. From my vantage point, I could see my cock standing at full attention, Austin’s face about 3 inches away, staring up at me. I didn’t have words. My hand was on his ass and my exposed cock was right in front of his mouth! It felt like an eternity passed before he let me off the hook…

“Can I?” As much as I wanted it, I could see he wanted it, too. I nodded my head, swallowing down the bundle of nerves that had lumped in my throat. My boy was hungry and needed a snack… And I was happy to give it to him!

He took my erection in his little hand, taking it in his mouth and running his tongue over it. I was amazed at how well he handled it, considering he’d only ever seen it once before. I continued to finger his hole, teasing the rim before gently pressing further inside. As I did, I could feel his mouth vibrate on my shaft as he moaned into my manhood.

I let him suckle on me a little longer, wanting him to feel good about acting on his own desires. More importantly, I wanted him to feel safe and protected. I knew I was going to have to breed him again. I had to shove my cock into his perfect, little hole and spill my seed inside! I wanted to take it slow, take it easy, and make this a special moment for the two of us to share. We had the whole night to ourselves! As long as we could keep quiet…