Mr. Armstrong & His Boy Austin
Father Son Bonding

The relationship between Austin and Mr. Armstrong just keeps getting better. Neither of them talk about their mutual involvement in the Buyer’s Group (See Boy For Sale’s The Boy Austin: Chapters 14-16). But it’s there in the glances between the two as they silently recall their power dynamic in the warehouses and private rooms of the club.

Now, back in their quiet home together, father and son get cozy in the den. The proposition of hot cocoa makes Austin grin excitedly in his fire-truck pajamas. He’s grown a lot since he was given the set and now they fit him like a second skin. But these are his favorite, and always make him think of his father. Mr. Armstrong hands the boy a steaming mug and wraps a warm blanket around Austin’s shoulders before lighting the fireplace and leaving to change into his own pajamas.

Mr. Armstrong joins Austin on the floor, now wearing a thick bathrobe. Austin snuggles closer to him, thinking how he loves that the robe doesn’t quite close across his dad’s tattooed chest. They make him seem strong and adventurous, and Austin imagines his dad wouldn’t be the same man without them. Mr. Armstrong’s knees hug Austin from either side and his arms fold around the boy’s torso, completely containing his small frame. Breathing deeply of his son’s hair, fresh from bath time but mixed with a scent that is purely Austin, he kisses the boy’s head. Austin turns, and kisses his dad’s lips.

The sensation of his father’s kiss always makes Austin tingle from head to toe, no matter how frequent they have become. When his dad shrugs out of the robe and wraps the blanket around both of them, Austin’s breath catches at the sight of his father’s cock. He always feels lightheaded when he sees the dick responsible for creating him. When he leans back against Mr. Armstrong, Austin can feel his erection. His own penis is rock hard from the combination of kisses and touches and the gentle way his dad removes each layer of his pajamas.

Mr. Armstrong reaches for his boy’s bulging groin. Austin has such a perfect, beautiful body and Mr. Armstrong’s lips and fingers know every inch of it. As his fingertips tease the pink opening of his boy’s hole, he knows what they have together is special. He’s always marveled at how completely the boy trusts him, and is honored to be the one to bring him into adulthood. That awe is coupled with an overwhelming lust. Every time he sees Austin, he wants to breed his boy’s hole with the seed that made him. But he remains gentle. Mr. Armstrong knows it’s up to him to teach his son how to have a satisfying sex life, and that includes making sure his boy’s needs are met as well. It's a fine line to tread, especially when Austin turns to take his old man’s cock into his mouth. It’s all Mr. Armstrong can do to not to shove his full length into the boy’s throat.

Austin knows what the tension in his dad’s body means. Taking the massive cock past into his mouth, Austin concentrates on relaxing the muscles of his throat, and pushes down to the man’s balls in one practiced motion. If he could smile, he would. His dad gasps loudly and throws his head back. Then Austin is pulled up for a kiss and his dad looks deep into his eyes. Something unspoken and profound passes between them. When Austin lowers his head again, he once more takes his dad’s cock to the base. It must be halfway to my tummy, Austin thinks, and then gasps as his dad’s fingers press into his tiny hole.

Austin sits up and straddles his dad’s hips, pulling his smooth butt cheeks apart to let his dad press against his hole. Austin’s mouth got his dad’s cock slippery enough to slide right in, inch by rock hard inch, and soon he’s happily bouncing up and down on the huge pole. Mr. Armstrong snakes his arms under the boy’s thighs and lifts Austin so that his feet are off the ground, and the only thing holding him in place is the boy’s arms around his neck. His dad’s cock plunges even deeper and Austin whimpers an audible, “Yes” as he is lifted and dropped repeatedly on the full length of his dad’s cock. Only his dad knows just how to do it.

When Mr. Armstrong lets him back down, the strokes are deep, long, and slow, and Austin can feel his swollen prostate being moved by the man’s large cock. With a shuddering moan, Mr. Armstrong pulls out and shoots a massive load up his boy’s back and all over his round ass before popping right back in. The feeling of his dad’s hot cum all over his skin and the added lubrication in his hole makes Austin bounce hard and fast on the cock, punching the pleasure button inside him that his own dad revealed. Austin’s balls contract, and he sends ropes of cum up his dad’s abs and chest before leaning down to kiss him breathlessly.