Mr. Angus & His Boy Marcus
Son Swap

Dr. Wolf and his buddy, Bishop, have known each other for ages. The two have had their own sexual history, maturing from boys to men while staying in each other’s lives. And as they grew up, they grew into handsome, sexy daddies; both getting married and starting their own families.

Dr. Wolf’s boys have always known Bishop as an “uncle”, aware of the long-standing relationship between the two older men. The one thing they never would have assumed was that their big, beefy uncle was once Legrand’s “boy”. It would have blown their minds to think of their old man fucking and breeding their furry, muscle bear uncle!

Dr. Wolf’s son, Lukas, was getting to the point in his life where it was time for him to have his first experience with another man. He’d talked about boys and crushes with the handsome doc, expressing his nervousness about taking the plunge. Dr. Wolf would have been happy to pop his boy’s cherry, but knew his boy always had a special affection for his uncle. A thought ran through his head that was too good to ignore, leading him to invite Bishop and his boy, Marcus, over for a friendly afternoon...

Bishop could see his old college buddy eyeing his boy the second they arrived! He knew Wolf’s type, but he also knew the hungry look he got in his eye when he imagined breeding a sexy bottom. It was the same look he used to give him back in the day. And, if he was being honest with himself, it was the same look he was giving Wolf’s handsome, young lad!

The two men gazed back and forth between them and their boys. Without saying it explicitly, it became clear what each other had in mind. Bishop could see the way Lukas stared at his broad chest and shoulders, undressing him with his mind as they shared an outdoor lunch. Bishop’s cock twitched at the thought of fucking the doc’s boy, knowing he was going to masturbate furiously to the thought as soon as he had the chance.

Once they returned to the house, Dr. Wolf made it clear what he wanted. He laid his boy on his bed, presenting him like a gift to his long-time buddy. The bearded man stood beside his boy, Marcus, trying his best to hide his concealed erection. He and Marcus were no stranger to each other’s bodies, but Marcus had never seen his old man react to someone else in that way — let alone in front of him!

The devious doctor offered up a swap — Dr. Wolf with Marcus and Bishop with Lukas. There was a moment of awkward silence as the three other men contemplated what the tall man had said, feeling their cocks rise up at the thought. Bishop looked to his boy, wondering how he felt, only to see him rubbing his erection through his shorts, eye-fucking the handsome doctor.

And with that, the two men approached the other’s son, bringing them close, kissing them passionately and intensely...

It was weird for Lukas to feel his uncle’s lips on his. The bristly beard brushed against his smooth, boyish face, tickling him as their tongues touched and danced around each other. He’d imagined this so many times with other boys, but he never thought it would be possible with the man he thought of as his daddy’s brother. Still, he loved the way he felt! Bishop was so strong and sexy. Lukas trembled slightly as he began to run his hands over his body, but he was happy to know his old man was there, watching him, protecting him, and knowing that he would make sure he was okay.

Bishop removed Lukas’ shorts, pulling out his cock as he bent his legs up to lick his sweet boy hole. Dr. Wolf watched his precious, young man get rimmed for the first time, hearing his delighted moans as his buddy took good care of his smooth hole. And as Lukas began sucking on his uncle’s thick shaft, Wolf’s cock stood at full attention, pleased to see that he could take care of his buddy in return.

While Bishop’s cock slid inside Lukas’ virgin hole, Dr. Wolf turned his attention to his buddy’s boy, feeling his raging hard-on desperate to be set free! Marcus loved being able to watch his daddy fuck, making him more aroused than he thought possible. And luckily, Dr. Wolf’s big cock gave him plenty to focus on! Watching his cousin lose his virginity, he wanted to feel it in his mouth and ass just the same...