Mr. Landon & His Son's Friend Danny
Weekend with My Buddy's Dad

Danny listened to Ian’s stories about his old man with great interest. The two were best friends and it was only natural that they’d tell each other about the most intimate and private details of their lives. Danny knew when Ian got his first erection, when he came for the first time, even when he lost his virginity! Danny was always happy for his friend and supportive, but he couldn’t deny that he was a little jealous.

He’d been eyeing his friend’s dad for a long time. He’d always try to sneak sitting next to him whenever he went over to watch a movie or have dinner. He’d even hoped one day to see him coming out of the shower or something during a sleepover. Alas, the older man seemed to stay just a fixture of his imagination, giving him a special thrill whenever Mr. Landon touched his shoulder or patted him on the back.

Mr. Landon could see the boy checking him out. He wasn’t blind to the effect he had on younger guys, and Danny was certainly around enough to admire him more than most. He thought was adorable, but he never went beyond just a friendly hug or calling him “champ.” He thought it would be far too inappropriate to flirt with his son’s friend.

That all changed when Ian told his old man about Danny’s new concern. Ian had bragged so many times about being fucked that Danny began to think he was undesirable. He wanted to experience sex so badly, but he didn’t have anyone he could turn to. He was painfully shy and full of doubt.

Mr. Landon’s heart broke for his boy’s friend. He knew what it was like to feel strange in your body and unsure of what to do. He was prepared to chalk it up to the hormonal teenage experience until Ian proposed something a bit radical. One morning at breakfast, Ian asked his dad if he could be Danny’s first time.

At first Mr. Landon said no, practically spitting his coffee out onto the table. It was one thing for him to get a little close with his own boy, but someone else’s? He knew there would be too many risks involved, not to mention the responsibility of being a young man’s first fuck.

However, after a few days of thinking it over, Ian’s idea didn’t seem so bad. Despite having seen Danny grow up, Danny wasn’t a little boy. He could make his own decisions. Not only that, he cared deeply for him. Mr. Landon had fed him, sheltered, even clothed him on occasion. He was invested in Danny’s happiness in a way that a stranger would not be. Of course, there’s the obvious: Mr. Landon wanted it, too.

Once Mr. Landon agreed, Ian took it upon himself to coordinate the whole thing. Mr. Landon felt himself getting a little nervous, but seeing his boy so supportive made it all the easier. Before long, Mr. Landon found himself in a car with Danny driving up to the same Forbidden Boy Hotel that the older man had shared with his son.

The car ride there was awkward as hell. Danny could hardly look at Ian’s dad, answering his questions in short replies, always ending it with “sir.” Mr. Landon had told him many times he didn’t need to be so formal, but it was clear that Danny was retreating to this manner as a way of hiding his nervousness. Mr. Landon continued on, beginning to wonder if he’d made a big mistake.

Once they arrived, however, Danny began to open up a lot more. He was curious about the place, asking again and again, “You come here with Ian?” “Just you and Ian?” “You and Ian share a bed?” It was clear he was curious but didn’t want to come right out and ask about it. Mr. Landon would just nod and say, “Yes, we do. Just us. Sharing a bed.”

After they settled in and chatted a while, the two showered and prepared to change into their nighttime attire. Mr. Landon waited in the bedroom for Danny to join him, wearing his white terry cloth bathrobe. Beside him was a new jockstrap for his special guest, to ease him into a more intimate mood.

When he presented it to Danny, he told him that he was aware that he was interested in him and that it was OK. Danny’s face flushed red. It was obvious, but he didn’t like having to admit it. He was still so insecure about his desires that he didn’t have the tools to articulate them. All he could do was feel embarrassed, but Mr. Landon did his best to make him comfortable.

“It’s OK, Danny. You’re a beautiful, special boy. That’s why my son likes you. That’s why I like you. I brought you here because I want you to see how special you are.”

Danny barely knew what to say. He looked down for a moment, trying to not show how much he loved hearing that. He said thank you and took the jock strap. It was just like one he’d seen Ian wear.

“I want to see you in it,” Mr. Landon continued. “Take off your shirt.”

Danny felt his heart begin to pound in his chest. He’d taken his shirt off in front of Mr. Landon before at the beach and the pool, but never inside and never alone. He could hardly breathe as he pulled off his shirt, watching Mr. Landon’s eyes lock on him.

It was strange to be in his gaze. He’d always imagined the older man looked past him or didn’t even really care if he was there one way or another. But now, there was no denying that he was checking him out, staring at his body, taking it in and assessing him. He was terrified he wouldn’t like what he saw. He removed his pants, knowing this would be the first time he’d be showing him his underwear… and the swelling bulge inside.

“God,” Mr. Landon said, looking at his crotch. “That’s beautiful.” He reached out his hand and gently caressed it, holding it from beneath and feeling its weight. Danny practically let out a moan as the air held tight in his lungs was let free. Feeling Mr. Landon’s hand on his cock was so strange and so amazing. He didn’t know if he was about to get light headed or if he’d already fallen down and was dreaming!

Mr. Landon told him to continue, and Danny pulled down his underwear. No one had ever seen his cock before. Not even Ian! As the open air greeted his shaft, Mr. Landon was quick to take it in his hand and start fondling it. He cradled his big, heavy nuts while pulling his hardening cock outward. Danny’s boyish face looked down and saw it between the older man’s fingers. It was better than he’d ever imagined.

“Beautiful boy…”

Mr. Landon hesitated to pull away, but he wanted to see Ian in his jock. Grabbing at the white garment and pulling it up, he helped Danny get into it, making sure the straps fit right and didn’t bunch. Once it was on, he could see Danny's perfect, smooth bubble butt held up just right. It was hard to say how it compared to Ian’s, but the young man’s body made Mr. Landon’s mouth water just the same.

Turning Danny around, he looked at him, seeing his eyes wide with desire. He ran a hand up his smooth chest and he could feel his heart pounding like a jackhammer. It was so sweet.

“You nervous?” Mr. Landon asked, with a tone of both lightheartedness and sincerity in his voice.

“A little,” Danny replied, unable to lie in that moment, but barely able to mutter more.

“You don’t have to be nervous,” Mr. Landon said. “I’ve got you.”

Mr. Landon then opened his bathrobe and gave Danny a view of his own bulge in a jockstrap. It was massive, practically overflowing and clearly containing his big cock. Danny was terrified of it at first, but his reservation quickly turned into curiosity. Mr. Landon smiled as he saw Danny’s expression, not ashamed to admit his shock gave him a little bit of an ego boost.

He gently brought Danny in close, taking him by the hands and allowing him to meet his face. They got closer, slowly, inch by inch until their mouths were suddenly closer together than they’d ever been before. Mr. Landon could tell Danny was holding his breath, not feeling any air escape from his opened mouth. Not wanting to let him linger in that anticipation, he moved forward and planted his lips on the boy’s. Danny’s lips pressed and he let out a deep exhale through his nose. Mr. Landon held back a smile. There it was: Danny’s first kiss.

The two continued kissing, becoming more comfortable touching each other as their mouths opened and their tongues explored one another. Danny found himself even feeling brave enough to touch Mr. Landon’s muscles, finally able to get his fingers on what his eyes had lusted after for years.

Mr. Landon took Danny onto the bed, lying on his side with him and holding him in his arms. Danny was so small and delicate. He cradled him passionately as his hands moved over his bare bottom. It was smooth and warm, inviting his touch deep into his crack. He could feel Danny tremble and shake as the tips of his fingers made their way to his hole.

Danny didn’t say anything, but his body practically screamed “not too fast.” Oh, no. Mr. Landon wasn’t going to rush this. He was going to make sure Danny’s first time taking his big, bare cock was absolutely perfect. After all, he knew he’d remember this for the rest of his life!