Mr. Landon & His Boy Ian
Nighttime Visitor

Ian has been playing a game of cat and mouse with his old man ever since he discovered that their attraction toward one another was strongly mutual. And although Ian is the mouse, he always wins. Daddy’s libido is sky high and it doesn’t take much effort on Ian’s part to get the burly man worked up. Heck, all he has to do is pass through a room naked and his dad can sense it from the other end of the house. The two of them have had some amazing times together ever since the unexpected getaway to that strange hotel. Ian hadn’t known what to expect, although he’d be lying if he said he hadn’t already been fantasizing about touching his own dad’s penis.

Feeling good with dad was all Ian ever wanted to do now. No man could hold a candle to Mr. Landon. To Ian’s memory, his dad had always been big and strong, his body a mass of hard muscles Ian just wanted to squeeze and kiss. The two of them had always had a special bond, even before the vacation that revealed their deeper urges, and it seems the older man never minds being lured in by Ian’s games. Daddy’s cock was also the thickest Ian has ever taken in his mouth or in his butt, and it filled him perfectly. Ian spent the night in dad’s bed more often than his own since returning from the hotel, all in hopes that dad would take the not so subtle hint of Ian’s bubble butt grinding against the man’s groin in the night.

Ian finds himself there again tonight, before the lights are out or Mr. Landon is fully settled for the night. He curls up against his dad like an innocent little spoon and presses his perfect butt into Mr. Landon’s naked package. Ian doesn't have to wait long before his small briefs are peeled off from behind and daddy’s fat cock is pressed against his soft, round ass cheeks. Wanting to be as close as possible, Mr. Landon removes his boy’s shirt and spoons him from behind, every inch of their naked skin touching.

Mr. Landon rolls Ian onto his stomach so he can see the boy’s body, touch his back, and squeeze the smooth bubbles of his boy’s ass cheeks, his thick fingers sinking into Ian’s soft flesh. Deep between Ian’s cheeks, the boy’s pink pucker flashes as his ass is spread by the man’s huge hands. The sight entices Mr. Landon to tease the boy’s hole with his tongue, just to get it wet so he can massage it with his fingers while leaning in to kiss the boy’s ear. Mrs Landon’s hand trails across Ian’s back and the boy at the sensation. Ian’s skin pebbles with goosebumps from the gentle kisses and the way Mr. Landon caresses his young body.

Ian’s cock is already hard when Mr. Landon’s tongue returns to his hole. Ian moans as he feels one big finger press inside, seeking his prostate. He is acutely aware of it the moment it is found and his dad’s finger presses down. It sends jolts of pleasure up his spine and down his legs, making him impatient for daddy’s cock to grind against it from within. He remembers it used to be painful, but Ian has gotten used to the width of his father’s cock. When the man presses his cock against his hole, it slides in gently. His jaw drops as he feels his dad’s big ball sack press against his butt and his face turns red from the breath he hasn’t realized he’s been holding. It always feels so big!

Mr. Landon tells Ian to roll onto his back. He wants to see his boy’s face and kiss his lips as he sinks into him. Ian’s feet are pressed against Mr. Landon’s hard pecs and he can’t help but kiss his son’s toes, causing Ian to bite his lip and giggle. He’s so cute when he does that, Mr. Landon thinks, and in that moment, he’s sure they will always be able to share this together no matter what. That makes him thrust harder, his balls slap against Ian’s hole. He’s gotten so good at taking my cock!

With the man’s hand on his chest, Ian looks up the length of his dad’s arm, corded with muscle and prominent veins. His dad’s face is intense beyond the thick capped muscles of his shoulder, concentrating on bringing his boy the greatest pleasure he has ever known. His dad’s cock has the perfect curve to hit his prostate on every single thrust, especially when he raises one of Ian’s legs to his shoulder. Sometimes it feels like he’s being stretched to his limits by the man’s shaft. After all, it’s the width of Ian’s wrist!

Ian takes the pace of their encounter into his own hands, mounting Mr. Landon reverse cowboy so he can see the beer can cock disappearing inside him via the mirror next to the bed. He starts out holding himself up and letting his dad penetrate him from below, then he grinds down onto him, slowly causing his own cock and balls to bounce each time he drops down the full length of the man’s cock. Ian can see his dad’s balls are tightening against his shaft and his own cock is so hard it’s shining.

Mr. Landon moans and gasps as the boy sets a steady rhythm with his hips. He feels Ian’s ass squeeze his cock even harder and he knows the boy is about to cum. The glossy head of Ian’s cock erupts in a steady stream of creamy white cum onto his dad’s legs until the boy can barely keep himself upright. He falls sideways, completely spent, eyes closed and a smile on his face. Mr. Landon kisses his son’s cheek and presses his cock back inside, hoping Ian’s dreams are as full of wild fantasies as his ass is with his dad’s throbbing cock.