Mr. Landon & His Boy Ian
Working from Home

Working from home is a challenge. Even when he was at the office, Mr. Landon found it difficult to stay focused on his day-to-day tasks. Now with ready access to television, internet porn, and the kitchen, the handsome muscle daddy has more than enough to keep his eyes off his work. But nothing is a bigger roadblock to his productivity than his boy, Ian.

Mr. Landon didn’t foresee this problem when Ian asked to install his video game on his father's bedroom TV. But the young man insisted that it had the better specs and sound. Now, with Mr. Landon working on his bed, all he can see is Ian’s round, smooth butt propped up while he smashes the buttons of his controller.

Ian is lost in his game as Mr. Landon’s hands make their way to his backside, feeling up his legs and cheeks as his cock swells up in his shorts. Mr. Landon quickly sees he’s not going to be able to focus until he’s had a taste of Ian’s soft peach. His fingers tease his hole, slipping up his loose shorts, all without Ian breaking his focus.

Mr. Landon sees a beautiful opportunity to devour his boy’s hole, sliding off his shorts to reveal his perfect skin. Ian loves how it feels to have his daddy’s affection, and he loves pretending he is oblivious to his advances. He knows that if he can hold out, his daddy will desire him even more, making sure the pounding he receives is deep and hard...