Mr. Landon & His Boy Ian
Watching My Buddy Plow My Boy (Son Swap)

The Forbidden Boy Hotel experience involves getting closer to your boy, getting away from the normal trappings of life, and focusing solely on the intimate connection between an older man and a younger man. But there’s another part that comes a little harder for each daddy...

When Mr. Landon read what he was expected to do, it gave him a little pause. He loved being with Ian and feeling his smooth skin against his own. But as much as he wanted, he knew he couldn’t keep him to himself forever. The instructions were clear that part of their journey meant opening his boy up to another daddy by giving him the opportunity to experience love and affection from others.

Mr. Landon didn’t want to be jealous, but the idea of sharing his precious, beautiful boy with another man was a hard pill to swallow. Fortunately, he’d gotten to know another daddy in a similar situation.

Mr. Armstrong was similarly protective of his boy and understood the special bond Mr. Landon had worked hard to build. When Ian’s daddy asked him to be the one to take his boy’s hole, Mr. Armstrong was happy to do this as a friend! Mr. Landon knew he could trust Mr. Armstrong to be careful and gentle with his boy, but still insisted on being there when it happened.

Ian wasn’t exactly sure what his dad was worried about. He loved the idea of getting fucked! He was excited just to have a cock in his hole! But Mr. Armstrong being older and wiser knew this would be a big deal. Ian hadn’t been with anyone else before, making this his first time in a way...

Trying poorly to hide his nerves, Mr. Landon prepared his boy, hugging and kissing him before setting him on the bed. As soon as Ian was ready, Mr. Armstrong called in his buddy from the next room and took his seat across the room.

Mr. Landon watched as Ian smiled, eagerly excited to get to business. He kept his hands folded, gazing intently on his boy’s face, making sure he was okay at every moment. Mr. Armstrong ran his hands over Ian’s body, feeling his cock swelling in his jockstrap. He could see the boy’s smooth, athletic body as well as his angelic, sweet face. Everything about him made his own cock nearly burst through his jock!

Ian reached for the older man’s member, pulling it out so he could stroke it. Mr. Landon moved slightly in his chair, uneasy about seeing his boy with another man’s cock in his hand. But as he looked to Ian, he saw his mouth water and his eyes light up. His horny boy wanted to be fucked badly.

Mr. Landon felt his cock rise, turned on by seeing Ian so aroused. He wanted to fuck him right then and there, but knew this was good for his boy to experience. With his legs raised up and his hole presented, Ian looked over to his daddy with a loving smile as Mr. Armstrong began to taste him. Mr. Landon locked eyes with his boy, running a hand over his bulge as his friend gently prepared him to be bred.

It wasn’t easy, but it was incredibly hot to see Ian with his legs up, ready to be penetrated. He wasn’t just a boy, but a young man. Mr. Landon was proud of him! And now, he got to sit back and enjoy the sight of his son getting fucked. But deep down he knew no matter what or who Ian was with, he’d always be his daddy...