Mr. Landon & His Boy Ian
Breeding Your Boy

There’s a lot to do while away on vacation, but sometimes it’s nice to have some quiet time. I like to spend my time reading and relaxing, but Ian loves his screens... Games, phones, computers. I thought it would be good to give him time to do what he enjoys in between all the activities provided to us by the Forbidden Boy Hotel.

As it turns out, Ian’s a little more rambunxious that I imagined. As I sat back getting lost in some reading, Ian snuck up between my legs and started sniffing at my cock. Like a puppy wanting a treat, he pressed his lips against the bulge of my jock strap, kissing and teasing at my shaft. As my cock grew harder and harder, it became impossible to focus on my reading. I figured Ian would be tired of just getting fucked all the time. Leave it to his boyish energy to keep him totally insatiable for his old man’s meat!

I put the book down, watching with pride and delight as he took my cock out and began to suck on it. He really was in love with my thick piece. As he worked at keeping me hard, I couldn’t help but run my hands over his smooth ass. My boy... He couldn’t be more adorable and sweet than when he’s on all fours servicing my cock.

I ran my fingers through his soft hair as his mouth stretched to take me in. He was definitely getting the hang of it. And to think; just a few days prior, he’d never known what it tasted like.

It felt so good getting blown by him, the perfect relaxation to my reading. Perhaps I’ll have to keep this up when we get back home. Ian could see that I was content to just sit there and get serviced and his attention quickly shifted. He took his mouth off my cock, lied down on the floor and went back to his video game... Here I sat with a hard, wet, worked-up cock and Ian was back to playing God knows what!

His ass was perfectly presented in front of me, full and round with his smooth hole peeking through his cheeks. I stroked my cock and teased him with my feet, pressing his ass apart to get a better look at this pucker, even going so far as to work his hole with my toe.

Ian continued playing, but I could hear him moaning as his ass got more and more attention. I even saw his hips pop up off the rug, signalling that he wanted more. What could I do? I know we agreed on some quiet time, but if my boy needs me to fuck him, what kind of man would I be to deny him?

I got up off my seat and kneeled behind him. I brought my mouth to his ass, taking in his beautiful flavor. My tongue worked along his hole, feeling it tighten and loosen as I circled around it. Who am I kidding? Nothing was better than having my boy’s hole ready and eager to be fucked!

With him well lubricated, I brought my cock to his hole, feeling the tip fit tight against his crevasse. It didn’t take much for me to break the seal and get inside, feeling his warm ass wrap tightly around my thick cock. He wanted it... Badly! And I was happy to give it to him. Feeling myself inside him, fucking him slowly and sweetly; my heart was full of love and passion. I couldn’t be happier thinking that this was what our bond would be like from here on out...