Mr. Landon & His Boy Ian
Sauna Play

After everything Ian and I had been through, it was hard to stick to the prescribed instructions. It was just the two of us in the house, so it wasn’t like someone was checking things off of a list for us… Still, I wanted to get the full experience of the hotel.

I’d been in a sauna many times in my life, but I think it was Ian’s first time. The idea of sitting in a hot room didn’t make sense to him at first, but once we got inside, I could see him relaxing and settling in. I’ve known for years what the benefits of muscle relaxation and improved circulation could do, so I was happy to be able to share that with my boy.

Sitting side by side in the sauna, naked and sweaty our eyes can’t help but wander and linger. I could see Ian wrestling with his cock under his towel, feeling it grow and swell. With the increased blood flow, it’s not exactly a surprise for me… Especially for a horny boy who has spent the better part of a weekend fucking!

I’ll admit, I was pretty hard too! As much as I was happy for the steam and the heat, it felt even better to be sharing that space with my boy, seeing his body glisten, and catching his mischievous eyes.

Ian couldn’t bring himself to say what he wanted, despite all that we’d already done. So I knew it fell to me to read his mind…

“I know what you want,” I whispered to him, a smirk coming across my face as I pulled my towel aside. His eyes went to my thick cock, then averted away coyly. “You want your daddy’s dick!”

I stroked it in my hand, teasing him and taunting him with its size. It was so hot to see him sweat for it, his lips pushed together and his tongue licking them.

“It’s okay…”

With that, Ian moved off his seat and dropped to his knees on the warm, wood floor. He lightly tickled my balls as he gazed at my shining cock. He was mesmerized by it. Clearly still in disbelief that he had been given such access to my manhood. I couldn’t deny my boy anything, and it felt great being able to give him what he wanted most!

He took me into his mouth, running my shaft over his tongue as he lapped up my cock juices. He was getting a lot deeper than before, too. Maybe it was the steam relaxing his jaw or maybe he was just learning how to handle me better each time. Either way, I watched with the biggest smile on my face as he worshipped my dick…

I could have sat in that steam all day, my hand on the back of my boy’s head, gently guiding him as he made me feel like a king on a throne. Beads of sweat dripped down my pecs, no doubt falling to the base of my cock for him to taste as he swallowed me whole. With the wetness covering my cock, I knew I had to fuck him!

I brought him up off the floor, feeling my boy’s warm hand in mine as he straddled me. He was practically sitting on my lap as my cock slide inside his tight, hot hole, taking me in as smoothly and easily as he had with his mouth. It was a perfect fit! How lucky am I to be able to have these moments with Ian? To know that my love for him can be so passionately expressed and shared…

I held his legs and butt in my hands as he bounced up and down on my thick rod. Such a beautiful, good boy!