Mr. Landon & His Boy Ian
Boy Massage

I thought I’d seen beauty in the world, but nothing compares to the look on Ian’s face when he orgasms. It seems like a strange thing to say — I’m still not used to it — but seeing my boy in that kind of pleasure and joy… I mean, what could be better?!

Well, I suppose the sight of my cock coming out of his hole covered in the family DNA…

I barely slept at all that night. As soon as we finished, we passed out under the covers with him wrapped in my arms, but I kept waking up to make sure I hadn’t dreamt that moment. Everytime I opened my eyes, Ian was there, nestled between my chest and shoulder, sleeping soundly. My heart could have burst through my chest each time, overjoyed with love for him. To think, had I not come to the Forbidden Boy Hotel, I wouldn’t have ever held him so closely!

The next morning, we got up and things were fairly normal. I expected some awkwardness or change in our relationship, but I was pleased to see Ian was the same happy boy he was from the day before. We sat and had breakfast together and talked about school, just like it was any other morning. The only difference this morning though, was his old man’s load still up inside his hole.

Once we finished eating, cleaning, and showering, I returned to the instructions we’d be given. They’d worked like a charm so far, so I was willing to see where else they’d take us. Ian started to get that I was being fed suggestions of what to do, but he was a good sport about letting me surprise him.

I made up the bed as instructed and brought Ian into the room for a sensual massage. Ian was an athlete and knew the benefit of a good, deep tissue treatment. He had no problem laying down for a rub. And having it come from me? Well, I think that was an added bonus!

As he spread out, I couldn’t help but admire his strong, muscular legs. His butt was framed perfectly in the white jockstrap, as well. His back was smooth and strong, topped off by his well defined shoulders. What man could resist him? I leaned in and his kissed the back of his head, overcome with affection and pride. My boy… My sweet, beautiful boy!

I took off my robe and rubbed the massage oil into my hands. I was happy the fragrance wasn’t too strong. As I worked it into Ian’s back, I could smell my boy’s natural musk coming off from him, freshly clean and pure. I wouldn’t want to hide that under any sandalwood or lavender perfume for anything!

My hands moved over him smoothly and delicately, pressing on every muscle and fiber beneath his soft, smooth skin. Even though we’d just made love last night, this was the first time in many years that I had such unrestricted access to his body. Everything from his toes to his nose was at my disposal, relaxed and accepting of my touch. I could feel the strength of his thighs, the hard worked calves, and even the smooth arches of his feet. He wasn’t a boy anymore. He was becoming a man! It was beautiful to see every line and curve of him developed and matured. Of course, he’d always be my little guy…

When I massaged his buttocks, my mind began to wander back to the previous night. His cheeks were perfect balls of meat and flesh, flanking his tight, smooth hole. To think I’d spent so many nights imagining what it would be like, and here I was, massaging it with ease. Ian let out soft little moans as I worked him deeper; a mixture of tension release and pleasure.

As my hands moved down, I cradled his testicles in my hand, massaging them softly, feeling their warmth. I knew what they contained and how precious it was… The same contents that are in my own!

His skin had a sheen to it now, glistening beautifully and healthily. When I turned him over, his eyes met mine for a moment, completely tranquil and at peace. He had no problem with me running my hands on his inner thighs, up toward his balls, or even navigating around his growing erection. I didn’t want to deny him a full massage, so I let it lay for the moment… But boy, was I excited to see his cock swell up once more!

My fingers trailed up to his chest and arms, massaging him gently. His nipples stood up as my hands moved passed them, aroused by the sensation. I had no idea that Ian had sensitive nipples and it made my cock hard to think about playing with them. By getting into every nook and cranny, I was able to find every spot that made him tick. Spots I would commit to memory as if my life depended on it!

Before I could finish, however, Ian’s arousal got the better of him. The precocious boy rose up and pressed his face against my full jockstrap cup, eager to feel and smell his old man’s junk. As he nestled in, I caressed his cock, feeling it grow with each lap of his tongue.

I tried my best to hold out, but what’s a guy to do? I turned him over once more and spread a little more oil between his cheeks, pausing only to catch a glimpse of the beautiful sight of my sweet Ian’s hole. Instead of using my cock, I pulled out the smooth, glass dildo I was provided.

I pressed it on Ian’s hole, watching him writhe and twist as it worked around his sphincter. But all it took was a gentle push and a couple deep breaths before I felt it move inside him with a smooth motion. Ian clung to the edge of the bed, gripping onto it as I moved it around inside him. I don’t know if he’d ever played with his hole before, but I was careful to watch him and go at a slow pace…

Still, seeing his hole take it was exquisite! My baby boy stretched out wide as I pulled it out and tightened again as it fell back. Again and again, I watched my talented boy take what I gave him. Pride doesn’t begin to express what I was feeling.

As he held onto the bedspread, I gave him a break, removing the toy and pulling down his jockstrap and rubbing his cheeks. I watched as his breathing calmed and he settled back into a relaxed state. My boy… I just had to take him! Coming up behind him, I asked him if he was ready before I slid my cock inside him where the glass had previously filled. I worried it might be too much, but to my delight, he received me with the same ease as he did my massaging hands. It was like I was meant to be there and his body knew it! I held him close and kissed him as I gave him the fullness of my hard cock deep…