Their Uncle's House
Cousins Get Caught

Austin is more clever than you might think! The young, fresh-faced twink may seem innocent at first, but he often gets his way with nothing more than his looks. Especially with his cousins, he’s always found a way to get them to do the things he wants them to do...

And Lucas is no exception. Lucas is only a couple years older than Austin and the two have always had a very close relationship. Austin used to love whenever he could have a sleepover with Lucas. They would stay up late, eat pizza, play games, and get into all sorts of silly behavior without their dads’ knowledge.

As they got older, sleepovers had started to become more rare. They were both busy with school, hanging out with their friends, and they only saw each other on holidays and birthdays. Fortunately, both of the boys' dads had to go out of town and the frisky twinks found themselves staying over their uncle’s. And once again, Austin and Lucas were up to their old tricks!

While playing video games, Austin began to notice his cousin looked more handsome and grown up than he’d ever seen before! He was taller, more filled out, and had even started to show some hair growth on his face. Austin wanted to see more of him, and, as usual, devised a sneaky way to get what he wanted.

“Want to make it more interesting?” Austin asked, trying to keep the devilish mischievousness from his angelic smile.

“Sure,” Lucas agreed. “Play for money?”

“No, that’s no fun.” Austin paused to entice Lucas’ curiosity. As his cousin looked him in the eye, he continued, “How about we strip for it? Loser has to take off a piece of clothing. First one naked loses!”

“Strip naked? I don’t know.”

“So, you think you’re going to lose?” Austin teased. Lucas pushed his cousin playfully, dismissing his assertion.

“Fine! You’re on. And when I win, you’re going to be sorry you asked for it!”

The two played some more. The stakes were higher now and their focus was intense. Austin’s fingers and thumbs moved quickly, going exactly where they needed to, hardly fumbling or missing a beat. And each time Lucas lost, he took off a piece of clothing. Austin first saw Lucas’ chest. It was smooth, but definitely different from what he’d seen years before. He looked like a man now! And that was even more apparent when Lucas had to take off his pants...

Austin could see Lucas’ bulging cock between his legs in a tight pair of briefs. It put a smile on his face, but it also sparked a rise in his own cock! He didn’t want to be distracted, so he worked his best to beat his cousin. And with one quick move, Austin came out on top.

When it came time for Lucas to take off his underwear, he hesitated. He felt silly and embarrassed for losing, but he couldn’t really find an excuse to not follow through. As he pulled down his pants, he found himself not just facing the humiliation of a defeat, but his own growing erection!