Dr. Wolf's Boy Lucas
Sneaky Cousins Camp Out

Cole wakes in the dark tent between Lucas, his younger cousin, and Dr. Wolf, who has taken the boys camping for the weekend. Cole has been enjoying being out of the house and around another handsome man and his cute little cousin so far from home, where it’s just them and the quiet wilderness. But Cole and Lucas are being sneaky tonight. Dr. Wolf probably wouldn’t mind if they fooled around, but Cole wants Lucas to himself.

Cole’s hand finds Lucas’ bulging undies under the thermal blanket they’re sharing, and Lucas wakes up. It’s hard to be quiet in a nylon tent, but Lucas was in on the plan from the beginning and he grabs Cole’s crotch through his shorts. “Turn on the light,” Cole says. “I wanna see.” The minute Lucas lies back down after lighting and hanging the lantern, Cole pulls down the back of his cousin’s briefs.

This isn’t the first time Lucas has played with a cousin. He admitted as much to Cole in confidence, and the two had been hoping to experiment together ever since. Lucas had always been attracted to Cole and found the dusting of light brown hair on the other boy’s chest to be a mark of manhood. Cole pulls off his shorts and both boys are now rock hard and naked in the cold night air. Lucas rolls back against Cole, crossing his leg over his cousin’s so he can tug on the boy’s much larger cock. Cole jerks Lucas too, but Lucas has to slow him down because he’s already really worked up and doesn’t want it to end too fast.

Cole sits up so he can lean down and suck Lucas' cock, slowly so he doesn’t push him over the edge. They have to stop a few times, panicking slightly every time Dr. Wolf shifts in his sleep. Lucas’ mouth on Cole’s cock in 69 causes Lucas to gasp loudly. He covers his mouth and the boys freeze, waiting to see if it disturbed the older man sleeping next to them. Seeing that it didn’t, Cole mouths, “I wanna fuck you.” Lucas grins and nods excitedly. Finally he’s going to get his cousin’s big cock in his ass!

Grinding his thick, lubed dick against Lucas’ hole, Cole presses against Lucas’ pucker. He goes in slowly, his cock choked by the tight little sphincter. Lucas lifts his leg, allowing Cole to reach around and stroke his cousin’s rock hard cock. The position is perfect. Cole is hitting Lucas deep and the boy is doing his best to stay quiet, but Cole has to clap a hand over Lucas’ moans when he gets too loud. He switches to missionary for shallower, faster thrusts.

Without saying anything, Cole pulls out of Lucas and squats on the boy’s cock reverse cowboy so Lucas can get the full range of experience before going back to fucking his cousin in missionary. Unknown to either of the boys, the noise has awakened Dr. Wolf, but he smiles and pretends to sleep as they reach that magic tipping point all boys grow to love. With gasping breaths, Lucas shoots his load all over his stomach while Cole pounds him like a steam engine. Then Cole pulls out to add to the mess, sending a heavy rope of cum across Lucas’ still jerking hand and balls.

The two switch off the light quickly and get back under the covers, snuggling up to one another in the dark with big smiles on their faces and a few kisses goodnight. It’s cute that the boys don’t even clean up before spooning. Maybe Dr. Wolf will teach the young ones a thing or two about how to please a real man in the morning...