Luke has had a crush on his old man for years. The sweet, young guy admires Dr. Wolf for his good looks, intelligence, profession, but more than anything, he worships his massive cock. He's been sneaking glances of him whenever he can, even stealing his underwear and imagining how his manhood would feel on his face. He's never said anything, but he's starting to suspect that Dr. Wolf is aware of his feelings. In fact, he wonders if maybe the feeling is mutual! He's never been with a man before, only ever jerking off and watching porn, endlessly fantasizing about being fucked. And nothing would mean more to him than for his first time to be between the man he respects and admires the most: his old man.

Dr. Wolf doesn’t get too many free weekends alone with just him and his boy. Between...more

There’s not a lot to do in the woods. There’s no internet, no TV, no phones… And that’...more

Luke sits by the fire stroking his cock as he thought of the cum still sitting inside...more