Ian has admired his old man for ages. He's always watched him with awe... And their close bond has always been there. Seeing his dad's handsome face and fantastic athletic body was something to aspire toward. Now that he's grown up, he possesses many of the same features... Obviously his fathers good genes are something to be proud of. Still, no one has it like his dad! As time went on, his fixation became more personal... And eventually he became aware that is was quite sexual! He would find ways to catch glances of him coming out of the shower and at the pool, he loved the way a wet swimsuit would cling to that enormous daddy dick, and he was even guilty of stealing his dad's sweaty jock to inhale his old man's nut musk. He would love to taste him, but knows there are some things that are just too taboo to ask for...

I’m used to getting lustful looks… I’m not bragging, it’s just a fact! Most of my life...more

I thought I’d seen beauty in the world, but nothing compares to the look on Ian’s face...more

After everything Ian and I had been through, it was hard to stick to the prescribed...more

There’s a lot to do while away on vacation, but sometimes it’s nice to have some quiet...more