Mark isn't out of the ordinary when it comes to most things. He loves to run, be active, spend time with his friends, and bond with his family. It's only recently that he found himself in an unusual experience! He knows he's an attractive guy, but that didn't come from nowhere. When he looks at the men in his life, it's apparent that good looks run in the family genes! As these feelings rise to the... read more

Marcus is a pretty typical queer kid at first glance. A little rebellious, independent, and not afraid to speak up. He's always been keenly aware of what he wants. He grew up benefiting from the guidance and experience of his old man, learning strength of character as well as stength of body. As he's gotten older, he's started to realize his life experience is going to be a little different than his dad... read more

Maxx is a handsome young man with a unusually big dick owing largely to the benefits of his German heritage. While he's sexually inexperienced, he's curious about sex, his body and the bodies of other guys. A recent and innocent encounter with another boy during an after-school math study session sparked powerful feelings, and he's not sure who he can talk to about it. He thinks about it frequently,... read more