Jay is beginning his life as a young adult, ready to venture into the world and find his place. While he’s got close friends and classmates, he’s not as close with his family as others. He shares holidays here and there with his cousins, but for the most part, they still think of him as a little boy. Or so he thinks. Jay discovers that he has more in common with his family than he imagined, finding that... read more

When Jack was younger, he and his dad were the best of friends. He saw the older man like a superhero. And who could blame him? The big guy was movie-star handsome, with a chiseled, muscular body. Jack loved when he would get picked up and tossed around, knowing he was always safe in his dad's arms. But as he's gotten older, he's feeling a little... different. He knows part of growing up means doing... read more

Jonathan has had a crush on his old man for years. The sweet, young guy admires Dr. Wolf for his good looks, intelligence, profession, but more than anything, he worships his massive cock. He's been sneaking glances of him whenever he can, even stealing his underwear and imagining how his manhood would feel on his face. He's never said anything, but he's starting to suspect that Dr. Wolf is aware of his... read more