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Danny is a little shy around other guys. He's always been a bit small and insecure, not really feeling like he can hold his own around the other boys at school or the older men he admires. He's always felt a little unseen and confused. Even with members of his own family, he's looked up to the bigger men that came before him, noticing their impressive masculinity and confidence. He wishes so much that he could be like them.



Mr. Ballard is nearly unmatched in his physicality. Not only is he a tall, powerful man with a serious look, but he knows how to use his strength to intimidate and defend his loved ones. But despite his rough exterior, he's a gentle giant when it comes to his family. Especially around his grandson, Danny, he would do anything to protect him and keep him away from harm. Having filled in a lot as a father figure, he is very close to the young man and invested in his happiness. This became more complicated by the fact that he started to feel sexually drawn to the innocent young man. When a close hug turned into a surprise kiss, he felt his impressive, beer-can thick cock stand at attention, making him question his motives for the sweet faced boy. Fortunately, thanks to the Forbidden Boy Hotel, Mr. Ballard is learning that he can still be the father figure Danny needs as well as a passionate, caring, primal lover.
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