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Mr Cox

Mr Cox definitely fits into the category of DILF! Swarthy-skinned, great body, dark features with a handsome mustache, he regularly turns heads. He had a messy divorce a few years ago and lives with his son, Oliver, in their former family home.

After his divorce, he discovered an almost insatiable interest in fucking tight, young lads. He recently started volunteering as a baseball coach and soon realized the position came with unexpected sexual perks.


Oliver is a handsome, pale-skinned boy with doleful eyes. His classmates describe him as a deep thinker. He became quite withdrawn when his parents divorced. He rarely sees his mom and is desperate to make his dad proud.

He finds older men very attractive. He is particularly turned on by facial hair. He recently found a chatroom where he can talk to older men who like younger guys. Sometimes he texts dirty photographs of himself to the guys he meets.