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Mark isn't out of the ordinary when it comes to most things. He loves to run, be active, spend time with his friends, and bond with his family. It's only recently that he found himself in an unusual experience! He knows he's an attractive guy, but that didn't come from nowhere. When he looks at the men in his life, it's apparent that good looks run in the family genes! As these feelings rise to the surface, he finds himself incredibly attracted to his Uncle Adam, noticing his heavy balls and big cock bulging in his running shorts. He wonders what it would feel like in his hands... And in his hole! He wishes he could feel it inside him, breaking the seal of his virginity as someone he bust trusts and lusts after. Fortunately, the men in his life are willing to give him everything he needs!


Angus always knew his boy, Marcus, would be a handful. He’s spirited and willful, always going his own way and rarely ever behaving. He would be more concerned, but he’s happy to see him go for what he wants! Angus was never so sure of himself at that age, so as much as it worries him, it also makes him proud. Nothing seemed to really alarm him until Marcus came out of the closet. He had always had his suspicions, but it was never something he spent a lot of time thinking about until the moment it became reality. All he could think about was the life his son would live and all the sex he’d be having. His mind was flooded with thoughts of his boy getting fucked by all different kinds of men. Thoughts that both alarmed him and, quite frankly, turned him on...