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Danny is a little shy around other guys. He's always been a bit small and insecure, not really feeling like he can hold his own around the other boys at school or the older men he admires. He's always felt a little unseen and confused. Even with members of his own family, he's looked up to the bigger men that came before him, noticing their impressive masculinity and confidence. He wishes so much that he could be like them.


Mr. Dixon

Mr. Dixon isn’t clueless. He knows his boy, Danny, is getting older and is starting to respond to his adolescent urges. He loves Danny more than anything else. Mr. Dixon doesn’t want him to feel like he’s on his own as he explores more of his inner life, leading the hairy-chested, tattooed man to make some intimate gestures toward his little guy. He was never close to his old man and he doesn’t want the same relationship with Danny. In fact, he hopes they can be as close as possible…
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