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Little Austin Armstrong is a tiny little twink who has just started to fully understand his sexuality, and more importantly the effect he has on others. In other words, the appeal he has for the handsome older men he lusts after. He's always loved being small and getting attention from bigger men...his dad, his dad's buddies, uncles, bigger male friends in school. Now that he is able to explore his sex and sexuality, he returns the glances of the men he catches staring at him. Ever since he turned 18 he finds himself getting all kind of looks from handsome, older men...even complete strangers who have taken a liking to him. He's turned to his dad because he's been unsure of what to do with that attention, but he's eager to start experiencing grown up fun.

Uncle Rick

Rick has always been a bit of a lone wolf. While the rest of the family has stayed close, he's tried to blaze his own trail and do his own thing. As an uncle, he loves his nephews, but he's never really felt the desire to hang around. He sees how they look up to him as the young, cool, handsome uncle, but he's always been more comfortable on his own.

While being independent has kept him from close family ties, he's not exactly a virgin. With his movie-star good looks, chiseled, muscular body, and thick cock, he's had plenty of fun fucking just about anyone he can! While he's spent a lot of time with the ladies, he's finding himself more and more open to the idea of sex with a man. He loves lean, small, smooth bodies that can still make him feel big, but he can't deny he loves seeing a hard cock cum. Perhaps even his own nephew's.