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Cole has a secret that's been eating him up. Yes, he's gay. Yes, he fantasizes about men... But that's not it! Many boys his age think about getting fucked by other guys. Some look at hunky men, with their muscular and furry bodies and get wildly turned on. He likes other guys his age, but he also is wildly turned on by "daddies," especially those with big dicks. Hung handsome older men are a huge turn on for the boy. And none fascinate him sexually more than the man who raised him. The young man has been thinking about it for years, but he knows there's almost no way to bring it up or see it come true. It wasn't until Mr. Houser caught him jerking off to his dad's socks and underwear that the cat was out of the bag! He trusts and loves his handsome older daddy completely, but was still too scared to take the lead...and to say what he really wants...


Tape 1 Boy Massage BOY'S FIRST TIME

I could hear Cole going through his things in the next room. In my mind that wasn't exactly the purpose of the Forbidden Boy Hotel, but the place was pretty... [read more]

Tape 2 The Suite BOY'S FIRST TIME

It can be hard to stay awake after a passionate afternoon of fucking, but as tired as Mr. Houser may be, his boy Cole has more energy than he can handle!... [read more]

Tape 3 Sauna Play BOY'S FIRST TIME

The Forbidden Boy Hotel has a program that’s hard to beat! Especially when the accommodations are as comfortable as what Mr. Houser and his boy have... [read more]

Tape 4 Sharing My Boy BOY'S FIRST TIME

Intimacy isn’t just about affection and chemistry, it’s also about trust. Trusting your partner and allowing them to be their own person. It can be... [read more]

Tape 2 Cleanroom Intake - Cousins Inspection GLOBAL OUTBREAK

Cole and Ian were alarmed when they were pulled away from their home. As cousins they’ve always been very close, almost like brothers. The strange men... [read more]

Tape 1 Thanksgiving Dinner FAMILY HOLIDAY TRADITION

You can keep Charlie Brown: This Thanksgiving orgy is the only holiday special I need. Somebody shoved this video in my mailbox with a note that said "turkey... [read more]

Tape #2 Sneaky Cousins Campout BOY'S SEXUAL CURIOSITY

Cole wakes in the dark tent between Lucas, his younger cousin, and Dr. Wolf, who has taken the boys camping for the weekend. Cole has been enjoying being... [read more]

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