Cleanroom Intake
Cousins Inspection

Cole and Ian were alarmed when they were pulled away from their home. As cousins they’ve always been very close, almost like brothers. The strange men in hazmat suits originally wanted to evacuate them separately, but they insisted on staying together no matter what. The in-take physicians at the quarantine center were resistant at first, but their higher-ups designated the boys for special evaluation, taking the two of them to a secure room together.

Neither of the boys fully understood what was going on, only that it was in their best interests to follow instructions. They had not yet heard the specifics about the virus affecting the population, nor that it seemed to only affect men who have sex with women. Fearing they might be affected, they did everything they were told, even when that meant taking off each others’ clothes.

Cole first thought it was because they had already been exposed to each other, given that they were found together, but as he got his cousin down to his underwear, he wondered why he couldn’t have done it himself. Not that he minded seeing his cute, younger cousin undressed. He’d always liked his adorable smile and lean, trim body. In fact, the two had been intimate on a number of occasions… thoughts of which got Cole inopportunely aroused.

As Ian proceeded to undress Cole, he could see his cousin’s erection swelling in his underwear. While he loved Cole’s big, thick cock, they were smart enough to not advertise their connection to others. Even in this strange, scary environment, the two found themselves unable to hide the mechanics of their sexuality and desire. And the doctors were more than aware.

“Let’s see the two of you kiss,” one of the doctors ordered.

It shot a bit of fear in each of the cousins. They didn’t know if this was a test or what, but they were told explicitly to follow orders. Leaning in, Cole pressed his lips to Ian’s, tasting him on his tongue as they embraced.

When Agent Wolf entered the room, covered in full protective gear, Cole was informed that he would be fucked by the strange man. Cole was rock hard from his cousin’s kiss, but was unsure how to feel about being fucked in front of everyone. His heart raced, not sure of what to do. But as the covered man began to touch his body, he looked his cousin in the eye, seeing the young man’s nervous expression, betrayed by his swollen cock concealed in his underwear...