Mr. Houser & His Boy Cole
Sauna Play

The Forbidden Boy Hotel has a program that’s hard to beat! Especially when the accommodations are as comfortable as what Mr. Houser and his boy have to enjoy. The two have spent a lot of time with each other in very intimate moments, getting more and more comfortable with each other’s bodies and their connection to one another. One such moment is their steamy, sweaty sauna session.

The intense heat forces men to strip off their clothes, feeling their muscles and joints loosen as they unwind and relax. After the emotionally and physically exhaustive journey they had begun, it was important to sit in silence with each other. Of course, urges can be hard to ignore…

As the two men sit beside each other, feeling sweat drip down their bodies to their genitals, Cole finds himself feeling frisky for more of his old man. He reaches beneath Mr. Houser’s towel, playfully tugging at his member, teasing it to wake up. Mr. Houser can’t help but smile, seeing his boy’s cock stand at attention, waiting for him to engage. As much as he enjoys his meditative sweat, he can’t deny his beautiful boy!

Mr. Houser gets between Cole’s legs, closely observing the impressive shaft of his handsome young man. He’s constantly proud of how sweet and intelligent he is, but he’s never been more enamored with his boy than when he’s seeing what a beautiful piece he carries.

Stroking it in his hands, he relishes the echoing sound of Cole’s moans. All he wants is to be closer to his boy, and there’s hardly a more intimate moment than bringing him pleasure…

Taking his boy’s massive cock into his mouth, Mr. Houser laps up his sweat, tasting the unique palette of his boy’s body. He licks his large, cum-filled balls, stroking him as he feels his boy’s excited member grow bigger and bigger. He can hardly keep down his own erection, excited by his sweet boy’s passionate sounds!

Cole’s mouth waters, hungry to feed off of his daddy’s cock. He’d nurse on it for days if he could! Mr. Houser sees the ravenous look in his boys eyes, sitting back up for his boy to take control of his manhood. The older man places one hand on the back of his head, gently guiding him closer toward his crotch while teasing his nipples with the other.

He loves seeing his handsome boy hold his cock, kissing it, and adoring his body. He knows how lucky he is to have such a beautiful son, devoted to him and connected to him more than he ever thought possible…