Mr. Landon was used to seeing Ian naked around the house. It was one of his favorite things about their new bond. There were no secrets or shame, no hiding... [read more]

Tape 1 Father Son Checkup COMING OF AGE

Angus always knew his boy, Marcus, would be a handful! He’s spirited and willful, always going his own way and rarely ever behaving. He would be more... [read more]

Tape 6 Welcome to Forbidden Boy Hotel THE DOCTOR'S SON

Jonathan loved spending time with daddy as he shaved. Something about seeing him lather up and clean himself was powerfully erotic and exciting! Perhaps... [read more]

Tape 3 Sauna Play HUNG UNCLE

Mark didn’t quite understand the value of a sauna. All he knew was that it involved sitting naked in a hot room and sweating. His uncle tried to explain... [read more]

Tape 6 Watching My Buddy Plow My Boy BREEDING MY BOY'S LITTLE HOLE

The Forbidden Boy Hotel experience involves getting closer to your boy, getting away from the normal trappings of life, and focusing solely on the intimate... [read more]


Returning home from the Forbidden Boy Hotel, the Landons had a more frustrating time adjusting back to normal life than they expected. After having become... [read more]

Tape 2 Boy Massage HUNG UNCLE

Mark’s uncle couldn’t believe how great the young man felt against his skin! Lying in bed, pressed together as close as they could possibly be; he... [read more]

Tape 10 Breeding Your Boy DADDY'S LITTLE BOY

Mr. Armstrong got out of the shower, drying himself off, feeling the steam of the bathroom keeping his skin warm. Austin wanted some time to play his video... [read more]

Tape 5 Family Cabin Loft THE DOCTOR'S SON

Jonathan woke up early, bounding with energy. The sun shone through the window, beckoning him and his dad to get up. Unfortunately, his old man was too... [read more]

Tape 1 Welcome To Forbidden Boy Hotel HUNG UNCLE

Anthony had always taken an interest in his nephew, Mark. He was the son of Anthony's older brother, and Anthony always felt paternal and nurturing to... [read more]

Tape 9 Boy Massage DADDY'S LITTLE BOY

Austin and Mr. Armstrong are very familiar with each other. They’ve been fucking for a long time, enjoying the pleasure of each other’s bodies… Even... [read more]

Tape 4 Cabin Breakfast THE DOCTOR'S SON

The good doctor enjoys his morning coffee, listening to the sounds of the morning forest and the quiet slumber of his well-fucked boy. He can’t think... [read more]

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